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I am an anthropologist who studies how different cultures practice the art and science of medicine. In 1968, my life-long journey, exploring how different belief systems shape both the patient-healer relationship and how medicines are made, began. The first fifteen years was a time of intense apprenticeship in the areas of food as medicine, traditional Chinese and European plant medicine, homeopathy and the development of intuitive faculties. The wealth of knowledge and wisdom took my breath way.

In 1983, I cofounded Metagenics driven by the desire to create a bridge between the enduring remedies of old and nutritional science. Metagenics became the source of rational, science-based dietary and herbal formulas – the doctor’s complementary and alternative medicine “tool kit” – a way to promote wellbeing, reduce risk to and manage  chronic illness. For the last 35 years, my audience was the doctor and their staff. I formulated products, was a principle architect of the FirstLine Therapy Certification Program, developed self-assessment tools, and lectured globally. Prior to departing Metagenics in December 2013, my contributions were PhytoMulti, Estrovera, UltraFlora Spectrum, the Identi-T Stress Program, the new Neurological Health products for stress, mood, mental clarity, sleep and memory, and the revised FirstLine Therapy Patient Guidebook – Your Journey to Better Health, a Step by Step Guide

Who I am now is Whispering Leaves & Ironwood Health & Fitness (IHF). My audience is you – the concerned health care and dietary supplement consumer. IHF is dedicated to helping you “live health.” Living health is about showing up every day ready to enjoy your favorite physical activity. Knowing what to eat and loving it. Learning how to relax. Knowing yourself. And, knowing how to choose dietary supplements based on your personal needs.

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