Whispering Leaves

Voices of Natural Medicine

“And while his mother’s lecture had gone over his seven-year-old head, Pasquale saw now what she meant–how much easier life would be if our intentions and our desires could always be aligned.” ― Jess Walter, Beautiful Ruins

Whispering Leaves is a consulting service devoted to helping the individual, group or business successfully integrate and implement natural healing principles with nutritional science and mind-body medicine for the betterment of health.

My audience is diverse – the concerned consumer trying to make sense of product claims, a family struggling to eat right, the self-help group exploring options, the nutraceutical company seeking to enhance their competitive edge, and the clinician who wants to create and implement an inspired lifestyle medicine program dedicated to helping their patient personalize healthy choices. – Lyra Heller, MA

Our Services:

  1. Consumer “Self-Help” Education: how to apply integrative & functional medicine, traditional systems of health and nutrigenomics to common health concerns
  2. Natural Products Consultant – dietary and botanical supplement innovation, formulation, portfolio review
  3. Motivational Speaker: lifestyle and integrated medicine topics customized to your business or group’s needs
  4. Lifestyle Medicine Strategic Consulting: business and marketing plan review, vision, mission and goal alignment
  5. Lifestyle Medicine Professional & Staff Training – team building, natural pharmacy review, customized office “tool kit” and training.

Athletic & Wellness Lifestyles

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