Personalizing Nutraceuticals

Regardless of how much you read the science, listen to testimonials or know the traditional use surrounding vitamins, minerals, herbs, and novel natural ingredients, choosing a formula that delivers your desired impact is a crapshoot.

Let’s explore why purchasing an effective product is a “crapshoot.”


  1. Non-sense formula – the way the science is applied and the design (the choice of ingredients and their amounts) is irrational – doesn’t make sense.
  2. Poor raw ingredient quality and biological activity driven by cost.
  3. Poor manufacturing so the contents of the product do not meet label claims.
  4. Misleading directions on use result in taking too little product to make a difference.


  1. Hope that the label claim delivers on the end point (energy, heart, prostate, etc.), not the underlying causes of the problem
  2. Hope that the glitzy advertising promise is real
  3. Hope that “cheap” is really better


PERSONALIZING NUTRACEUTICALS (PN) makes visible what remains invisible.

This is your opportunity to….

… tap my 35 years of natural products industry experience as a dietary and botanical supplement innovator, formulator and lifestyle medicine instructor. – Lyra Heller, MA

…. navigate 275 companies and thousands of products all making the same claims and recycling the same science by identifying those products known for their demonstrated quality and clinical effectiveness. Begin here at Fullscript 

… use self-assessment tools to unearth other issues that may also contribute to your concerns as well as track your progress.

… talk with an expert concerning your questions.

Ironwood Health & Fitness is dedicated to helping you “live health.” Living health is about showing up every day ready to enjoy your favorite physical activity. Knowing what to eat and loving it. Learning how to relax. Knowing yourself. And, knowing how to choose dietary supplements based on your personal needs.

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