Athletic Performance Services

Athlete Specific Strength & Conditioning:

Why do we say athlete specific instead of sport specific? It’s simple, we’re here to coach the athlete in improving their athletic performance. We focus on creating an all around athlete; starting with an assessment (Functional Movement Screen), Sport Coach & Athlete Consultation, and customized training program.

Team Strength & Conditioning:

As the head coach of your team, you know what areas they need to improve. That is where we come in. Your team needs more speed, agility, strength, or power. Our methods of training large teams are based on the principles of the Long Term Athletic Development model (LTAD). We strive to create an environment that is fun for your team inspiring them to work hard as individuals and as a team.

Functional Movement Screen & Corrective Exercise:

Kinesiology Taping: Rock Tape & Kinesio Tape:

Sports Nutrition Education:

Power Skating for Ice Hockey & Figure Skating:


Full sessions (60-minutes) $80.00

Half sessions (30-minutes) $45.00 – Half sessions are reserved for power skating, and special consideration S&C sessions.

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