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Where is the light I saw yesterday?

I find that we learn the most from our times of struggle. I’m getting all this out now, because it’s getting in the way of me writing my paper. Most people see me as this perpetual optimistic bubble of joy. Well you know what? I have my ups and downs just like most people. And I’m choosing to share it with you today.

It could be my frustration with not being able to focus on this paper, or the rhythmic rock in my ears dictating the flow of my fingers on the key board. Rhythm is only allowing me to be fully open right now.


The Power of Community

Thank you for allowing me this time to vent to you. Who know’s you might even be connecting with what you’re reading and will be inspired to share your story with the world. That leads me to another point! So many of us are trapped with our faces in our phones browsing social media, and ignoring the world around us. Well this is another form of social media. I may not be a friend of yours, but I do have your attention. Welcome to my world, and thank you for letting me be apart of yours. It’s truly honor to have your attention.

Now take your face away from the screen and smile at a stranger. Make someones day. You’ve already made mine by being there for me.


Taking Responsibility For Your Happiness

A few days ago I saw this image posted in my Facebook timeline. At first glance I thought – “yah,” it’s important for us to take responsibility for our own happiness…


At this point your wheels should be turning as well…

“Yes, it is my own happiness, but so and so did this, or my life is like this because…” Ok, we all have reasons to be happy or not so happy at specific moments in time. Let me get to my point… Happiness is a series of chemical reactions that are seen/felt as a state of being – a positive emotion expressed as a series muscular contractions creating a smile. So, how is this our responsibility?

We all have needs that need to be met in order feel happy. There, in turn, lies our responsibility – knowing what are our uniquely individual needs. These needs cannot always be met by looking within. It takes courage to ask for those needs to be met by those closest to us. It can be something as simple as a hug from a close friend, a hello to or from a stranger.

My point is; take a moment to sit with yourself with the intention of creating a list of needs underlying your happiness. Second, find the courage to get those needs met.