My Commitment… Monday & Thursday

Tiger Mt. 5/31/15
Tiger Mountain peak in Issaquah, Washington. 4 mile fire road climb and nothing but single track to the bottom.
Last week I made the commitment to begin posting two blogs a week: Monday & Thursday. The topics will cover are whatever I’m feeling that day, a current project, a frequently asked question, an interview with a fellow strength & conditioning coach, or a piece by one of my athletes.

This new commitment was the result of a  conversation with parents of a youth cross country (XC) mountain bike racer. It was brought to my attention that I preach about youth athletic development, and the need to encourage athletes to sample various sports and follow their desire to try new things. Apparently I have a lot to say on that topic.

I see that I have two  main priorities when it comes to youth athletes: First to decrease the risk of sport induced injury and improve athletic performance, both  by teaching them how to move properly in time and space (proprioception and kinesthetic awareness). And second is to educate them on the importance of living a healthy balanced life through nutrition, stress management, and joys of staying fit.

Athletic ability is something that can be improved at any age. I’m still improving! The picture above, aside from being beautiful and encompassing the heart of the Pacific Northwest, is an example of why I spend time in the gym. Being able to participate in sports that I’m passionate about is key to leading by example. All the effort that I put into minimizing my risk of injury and improving my performance inspires my athletes to do the same. This will have a trickle down effect for generations to come.