Seeing the Trail through the Trees

As we learn to focus on our goals, we will get distracted on long the way. This is normal, and it happens to us all.

We can think of our path towards our goals as a trail to success. And most trails are cluttered with obstacles and lined with beautiful distractions. It takes practice to travel a long our paths with focus and determination. Planning and preparation is key. However all the planning and preparation cannot prepare us for the endless possibilities of what could get in our way.

This is not about planning and preparation. It’s about picking ourselves up. Dusting ourselves off. Recollecting ourselves so that we can continue down our path. (This will be discussed more in the second part)

I’m revisiting this after a conversation I had with a dear friend this afternoon about the homeless in downtown Los Angeles, California. The conversation turned from discussing the current state of homeless to potential causes of falling so far from a path that leads to a life of desperate begging. Two words came into play; failure, and embarrassment. And we posed the question, How do we overcome failure, and embarrassment to continue down our path to success after tripping over an obstacle on your path or being distracted by something along side it?

As I see it we have two options: 1) Go at it alone with a feeling of solitude and independence. Leaving it completely up to us as individuals to get back on the trail. And 2) Travel with others who have different destinations, but are still on a path for success. Giving us a support system that encourages, comforts us if we fall down. I’m not saying one is better than the other, what I’m saying is that we have the ability to make choices. That’s what it comes down to! Making the choice to travel alone or with others.

This is part one of a two part series. I’m inviting you to think about the two options. Ask yourself; which way do you travel on your trail? And how do you feel about the other option?

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts…

Either way, travel safely, mindfully. If you get distracted, get back on the trail to success alone or with others.