Back in the Saddle

This weekend was my first weekend back on my dirt bike since I had a minor tumble in January that left me limping away, and kept me off it for several months. That accident also kept me off the ice for several months. As I got back on my bike, started to kick it over, I realized after the 15th kick, it was probably telling me, “ya, you’re not ready to ride me yet.” Once I did get it kicked, It wouldn’t idol unless I kept the choke on. Seriously? This just got irritating, but then I had an epiphany!

How do I improve at something I’m not great at that I do a handful of times a year, but truly love?

The answer is; DO IT MORE!!!!

As a hockey coach, that teaches power skating (ice skating specific to hockey), and instructs off ice strength and conditioning classes, I get asked quite frequently from new skaters, “how do I improve my skating when I’m off the ice?’ The answer is there is no replacement for practicing a specific skill.

My epiphany! When not participating in the skill that needs practice, focus on other aspects of my self that I utilize on a daily basis! My strength, endurance, power, focus… blah blah…. yeah I said blah blah… say it! It puts a smile on your face.

Next time, a student/client asks me what can I do to improve when not practicing, that’s going to be my answer.

This topic can go on forever… so now I want your thoughts!

As a professional in any field, have you experienced something similar with yourself, or a client?

Use Bright Food to Brighten Your Day: What’s your meal’s color profile?

I have the fortunate opportunity to spend this week in Seattle, Washington. It’s raining here and sunny back in California. I lived here for 5 years, and struggled with the grey that plagued the sky. Having only been here for 18 hours now, I realize how quickly this weather can take effect.

I posed the question; what is the grey missing, that’s causing me to feel so lethargic? It’s BRIGHT VIBRANT COLORS! I was walking around the market deciding what to have for lunch, keeping in mind what was going on outside, it’s cold, raining, and grey… I want to eat something that’s warm, and colorful. What did I end up eating?

Steamed Kale
Baked Yam
Chili Verde Chicken

Color profile – Dark green, subdued orange, pale green

It hit the spot… However, next time to add some major color to my day, I’ll do the following:

Steamed Kale topped with
Bell peppers of varying colors (drizzle of extra virgin olive and balsamic vinegar)
Brown rice
Salmon sashimi

Color profile – Dark green, bright red, bright orange, bright yellow, deep dark red, some brown, and glistening vibrant orange.

I suggest taking the time to enjoy the color of your food, and ask yourself: Is it beautiful and appealing to all the senses?

Good Eats!