Bag of Tricks: Whats in your professional tool kit?

Be passionate about the tools you possess for no one can use them in the same way that you can…

I wrote the above statement back on December 6th of 2011. My goal was and is to inspire professionals to embrace the tools and skills they have accumulated from their education and experience.

Have you asked yourself recently, what’s in your professional tool kit? I was inspired to ask my self this question when I was attending the Institute of Functional Medicine conference in Denver. One of the speakers in the closing session invited us to embrace the tools we have, we may not need all of them all the time, but acknowledging and being proud of having these tools will make us more powerful healers, precise trainers, and goal oriented motivators. What are your tools that make you who you are?

I don’t believe we need to lay all them out for everyone to see, because with every experience comes a new tool. A new combination of tools. Acknowledging our patients and clients for the experiences they provide for us, for without them we would not have anyone to work with.

I appreciated the need for protocols, but without flexibility our customers are merely being placed on a conveyer belt, and thats not fun and inspiring. What is inspiring is guaranteeing that our customers are treated as unique individuals with unique goals that we’re proud to be guiding them towards.

I vow to be perfect (see quote below) and to do my best for everyone that crosses my path. By doing my best I’m holding onto my integrity and authenticity that has gotten me this far.

“Being perfect is being able to look your friends in the eye and know that you didn’t let them down because you told them the truth. And that truth is that you did everything you could…” – Coach Gary Gaines