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Most likely you’ve wandered to this site because you’re interested in health and fitness. We have no doubt that you’ll be thoroughly thrilled by what you’ll find.

Ironwood Health & Fitness (IHF) is born from a love of sports and a deep desire to create experiences capable of promoting positive change in your life, physically, mentally and emotionally regardless of your age, sex or level of fitness.

As a strength and conditioning coach, I chose the words “athletic lifestyle” because it describes a state of being and a state of mind consistent with a superb quality of life. To be athletic is to be agile, resilient, energetic, powerful, strong, muscular, vigorous, fit, and sturdy.

What better way to stay invigorated than improving your skills at a sport you love, sustaining your game, rediscovering your ability to play, or learning a new physical activity.

Ironwood Health & Fitness  (Seattle Institute of Athletic Performance) Athletic Performance Services supports your growth as an individual, teammate and your entire team with high performance training techniques catered to your desired sports-specific outcome. SIAP’s ability to build team communication during preparation and competition will promote solidarity increasing team strength during tough times and enjoying the celebration of successes more intimately.

Every body needs fuel. Every body is different. Personalizing Nutraceuticals  embraces your individuality by combining natural product science and traditional herbal knowledge with self-assessment tools that foster the self-awareness critical to the product selection process. Lyra Heller, medical anthropologist, internationally known natural product formulator and co-founder of one of the largest clinician-centric dietary supplement companies, Metagenics, Inc, is here to help you interpret your signs and apply what you’ve discovered responsibly and safely.

Explore our offering. Enjoy the journey.

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